How to Record

Open our iOS app, then press the record button as if using a typical camera app. When you are done recording, the recorded video will pop up. You can share the video as an .mkv file using the share button on the bottom-left side, or post it and share the URL being following the instructions in the next section.

How to Post

Here, can post the video by pressing the "Post" button on the bottom-right side. To copy the URL to share the posted video, press the URL when it appears after uploading is done. This uploaded video will not show up on the front page of as it is not listed. To list the video or to later delete it, you should post the video while you are logged in. When logged in, by pressing the user icon on the top-right side, you will see the list of videos you have posted. You "Edit" and check the listed check box to post your video on the front page.

Using the Viewer

While how to turn on the video is apparent, what options are available is less so. Ignoring the options that are the same with typical videos, there are four buttons to explain.
  • The cube button is on screen flattening. As depth cameras are less reliable than color cameras, they sometimes miss too many pixels. In such cases, you can press this cube button and flatten the screen, which will give you a flat screen with all color pixels visible.
  • The floor matching button is for matching the video's floor to the viewer's floor. Pressing this will match the inferred floor level of the video to the grid floor of the viewer. This option is especially valuable when watching videos through VR headsets as the video's floor will match the actual floor of the user by turning this option on.
  • Inside the viewer, there is a reset button at the top-left side of the viewer. Presseing the reset button will move the viewing perspective back to its original spot.
  • When watching a video through our website using a VR headset, there will be a VR button at the top-right side of the viewer. By pressing this, you will be able to watch the video in VR.
  • In case you have access to a VR headset, try watching our videos through the headset. Things will look much better!
Additionally, to move inside the viewer:
  • Keyboard:
    • Translation: W, A, S, D keys
    • Rotation: Q, E keys
    • Height: ↑, ↓ keys
  • Mouse/Touch:
    • Translation: Drag joystick at the left-bottom side
    • Rotation: Drag anywhere else
    • Height: ▲, ▼ buttons on the right-bottom side