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  • The beta program is only for iPhones. Not many Android phones have good depth sensors yet 😢.
  • The minimum hardware requirement is iPhone XR (released in 2018).
  • If you are an advanced user with an Azure Kinect, consider using our Windows application.

How to Use

(iPhone XR or above required)

Install and open our app, then press the record button. Play the record from the records tab. You can post the record by pressing the "Post" button. Then, press the "Copy" button to copy the URL, which you can use to share or watch the video via a web browser.

To move inside the record:
  • Keyboard:
    • Translation: W, A, S, D keys
    • Rotation: Q, E keys
    • Height: ↑, ↓ keys
  • Mouse/Touch:
    • Translation: Drag joystick at the left-bottom side
    • Rotation: Drag anywhere else
    • Height: ▲, ▼ buttons on the right-bottom side