About Us

Telegie is a startup that is based on years of academic research. Our software was originally built for telepresence research projects in Stanford VR labIn the most recent project, our research team across Stanford and UNC used this system to study remote physical therapy.

With Telegie you can capture 3D videos with your iPhone using our app and share them through our website. The videos can be embedded to your website and AR/VR devices are supported. Other features such as real-time communication between users of AR headsets is ready, but waiting in our storage for the right time.

Telegie stands for “tele”presence technolo“gie”s. Telepresence is defined as the feeling of being at a remote place and we will continue to build software providing higher level of telepresence.

If you have a question or are interested in us for any reason, please feel free to contact Hanseul Jun via an email to